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We tell stories about the journey of unconventional heroes who dream and make them come true. 

Launched in 2008, BRIDGEGATE Films is a boutique North American acquisition and distribution company based in Los Angeles, California founded by Anthony G. Cohen. Bridgegate Films executives have a long list of successful films and TV shows under their belt.

Mr. Bill Fay is one of the founders of Legendary pictures which produced some of the most successful studio pictures such as HANGOVER, INDEPENDENCE DAY, 300, THE PATRIOT as well as many more films prior to selling his company to WANDA group of China for over 4 Billion dollars, with over 30 years of experience as the top executive in the entertainment business Mr. Fay brings a vast amount of knowledge and connections to the company.

Mr. Anthony G. Cohen J.D. (C.E.O) – Prior to creating Bridgegate Films, was the Executive Vice President of JKMPO (Jonathan Krane Motion Picture Organization) which produced studio films such as FACE-OFF, SWORDFISH, MICHAEL, PHENOMENON, LOOK WHO’S TALKING TRILOGY I, II AND III, PRIMARY COLORS, BLIND DATE, PINK PANTHER, A CIVIL ACTION, THE GENERALS DAUGHTER, DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE, plus many more. 

BRIDGEGATE MEDIA GROUP, INC. (“BGF’. The Group”) is a special purpose entity with a presence in Los Angeles and China.
BGF’s objective is to finance and own a new independent lP library (“the library”) comprised of a diverse portfolio of approximately 28 movies.

BGF has secured guaranteed full distribution in China for its first 5 Films.
BGF is seeking $15M for its first film, fully distributed through our partner company Voltage domestically, and by BGF Shanghai in China.
BGF is seeking $25M in funding for its first 10 films.
BGF will expect to deliver its first dividend within 3 years and then annual dividends thereafter. BGF will be
seeking an event or exit strategy within 10 years.
This may include an outright library sale, acquisition, recapitalization or exit that may even include utilizing the
capital markets.

T.V Veteran, Neil Stearns, is one of the most respected and well known executives in the entertainment business. With over 45 years experience in the show biz. Mr. Stearns served as the Senior Vice President at Dick Clark Productions and was in charge of producing some of the shows that you are familiar with such as the GOLDEN GLOBE, BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS, COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS, NEW YEARS EVE WITH DICK CLARK as well as over 100 other programmings. Mr. Stearns also created/packaged and sold TV shows such as PAWN STARS, DOG WHISPERER, HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE just to name a few.

Bridgegate films day to day operations are met by some of Hollywood’s top executives, they are building an impressive slate of high-quality feature films to distribute in conjunction with their studio partners, which they have relationships with. Focusing on commercial, talent-driven films, the company looks at projects in all stages of production for strategic release across multiple platforms. Bridgegate Films tailors each release based on the unique characteristics of their films, ranging from day-and-date VOD releases to mid-scale traditional theatricals. Bridgegate Films was established by Anthony G. Cohen, and is led by Bill Fay who serves as President and David Cohen as Chief Financial Officer.

Management Team

Anthony G. Cohen​


Graduate of NYU Law School, Mr. Cohen has been in the entertainment business since 1997. Anthony G. Cohen is the CEO-Chairman and founder of Bridgegate Films, as well as Stearns Cohen Media Group (SCMG), two of the entertainment industry’s connected independent production companies in Hollywood. Cohen has been behind the scene as a Sr. Executive Vice President working with one of Hollywood’s top producers since 1997.

Neil Stearns


Neil Stearns served senior Vice-President of DickClark
Production for 15 years. He oversaw and produced the
Oscars Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Billboard
Awards, Country Music Awards, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. And he is the creator of hit TV shows, Pawn.
Stars, Dog Whisperer, Hotel Impossible etc. which have
generated over 10 billion dollars for the networks. He
serves as the President of Stearns/Cohen Media, a sister company to Bridgegate Films, as well as senior consultant to Bridgegate Films.

Jerry Silverman

(Senior Executive Vice President)

Recognized national leader and consultant to the banking industry on the subjects of
Collateral Value/Liquidation Value, Bankruptcies in specialized Industries, marketability, loans/loan
feasibility and risk factors, appraisals, actual auctions, projections based upon self prepared
marketing studies.

Kenneth Ho

(Vice President)

With several years of experience working in TV/film industry, Kenneth Ho’s exceptional knowledge and work ethic have made him a great asset to Bridgegate Films. He also is the Vice-President of development.

William Fay


William Fay is one of the most prominent producers in Hollywood. He has produced studio films for Warner Bro, Universal Studio, Sony Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Paramount and 20th Century Fox. His extensive connection to the stars and all major studio executives is unparalleled, which is Bridgegate Films’ secret access. Mr. Fay has produced over 35 films, grossing over 8 billion dollars for the studios.

Nancy Bennet


Nancy Bennett was buyer for Lifetime network for over 12 years who immediately after became the vice-president of development of Lifetime network, where she served for over 20 years. Her experience is unmatched in the TV network world. In addition, in combination with Mr. Cohen and Mr. Fay, we have the ultimate weapon in
entertainment industry.


China Theatrical Release

(through BGF Shanghai)



(Domestic Distributor)

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