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George Malley is an honest mechanic who lives in a little village in Northern California. George has a crush on a single mother in town, Lace. He lets her sell her handmade chairs at his shop, but he secretly buys them and keeps them at his house. She rejects George’s approaches since she is quite closed off. He sees a ball of sparkling bright white lights in the sky after spending time with his closest buddy Nate and father figure Doc Brunder to celebrate his 37th birthday at a neighbourhood pub. As it gets closer, it seems to strike him, generating a tremendous noise and bringing him to the ground. Nobody else heard the boom or seen the lights.

George starts to demonstrate astounding levels of intellect.

He develops telekinesis, creates fresh, groundbreaking ideas, and can quickly absorb enormous quantities of information. He reads many novels every night since he doesn’t need to sleep.

George makes an effort to benefit his neighbourhood with his newfound knowledge. He creates a potent fertiliser, enhances solar panel designs, and makes an earthquake prediction without using any tools. George picks up the Portuguese language quickly and assists in translating when Doc is asked to heal a sick Portuguese man. Then he rescues the man’s little relative using telekinesis. George makes plans to assist Nate in meeting Ella, the mother of the kid from Portugal he saved. Nate enjoys listening to shortwave radio. George decodes and reacts to a signal while he is there, despite Nate’s request that he not remember it.

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