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Sword Fish


The 2001 American action movie Swordfish, starring John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Don Cheadle, Vinnie Jones, and Sam Shepard, was directed by Dominic Sena, written by Skip Woods, and produced by Joel Silver. The main character of the movie is computer hacker Stanley Jobson, an ex-con who is recruited into a bank heist plot due to his prodigious hacking abilities.

A computer virus that Stanley Jobson used to corrupt the FBI’s Carnivore programme made him a prominent cyber-hacker. Because of a restraining order filed by his former wife Melissa, an alcoholic who moonlights as a porn actress, Stanley is prohibited by his parole from using computers and the internet. This also stops him from visiting his only daughter, Holly.

Gabriel Shear pressures Stanley into breaking into a protected Defence Department system, and Ginger Knowles convinces Stanley to work for him. After the hack, Gabriel offers Stanley $10 million to design a multi-headed worm, a “hydra”, to drain $9.5 billion from government slush accounts. Stanley continues work on the worm, knowing that Gabriel runs Black Cell, a covert unit founded by J. Edgar Hoover to execute retaliatory operations against terrorists that threaten

United States. Additionally, he learns in private that Ginger is a DEA agent operating covertly, and he is shocked to see a corpse who resembles Gabriel.

After picking Holly up from school, Stanley learns that FBI agent J.T. Roberts, who had previously detained him, is now tailing him. Roberts is keeping an eye on Stanley, but he is more interested in Gabriel because he is not listed in any government database. After discovering that another hacker, Axl Torvalds, was slain by Gabriel’s men, Roberts cautions Stanley to be careful. Stanley decides to covertly programme a backdoor into his hydra that, after a brief interval, undoes the money transfer. Senator Jim Reisman of the United States, who is in charge of Black Cell, discovers that the FBI has begun following Gabriel and gives him instructions. 

to withdraw. Reisman sent out a hit crew to take down Gabriel, but Gabriel declines and barely prevails. Gabriel personally murders Reisman in retribution and continues his scheme.

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