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The General’s Daughter


The General’s Daughter is a 1999 American mystery-thriller film directed by Simon West, based on a script created with William Goldman and Christopher Bertolini and the Nelson DeMille novel of the same name. James Woods, Madeleine Stowe, James Cromwell, Timothy Hutton, Clarence Williams III, and John Travolta are among its prominent actors. The mystery surrounding the death of the daughter of a well-known Army general is central to the story. Despite receiving unfavourable reviews from critics, The General’s Daughter was a box office hit, earning $149.7 million globally against a budget of between $60 and $95 million. 

In order to facilitate an illicit guns exchange with a self-described freedom warrior, Chief Warrant Officer Paul Brenner, an undercover agent of the United States Army Criminal Investigation Division Command, poses as First Sergeant Frank White while on duty in Georgia. Captain Elisabeth Campbell, a psychological operations officer and the granddaughter of Lieutenant General Joseph ‘Fighting Joe’ Campbell, the base commander, assists Brenner in changing a flat tyre at Fort MacCallum. She is discovered dead the next evening. Colonel William Kent, the base provost marshal, secures the murder scene. To conduct the investigation, Brenner and Warrant Officer Sara Sunhill, a rape expert, are enlisted. When they get Elisabeth’s records, they discover that her grades drastically declined during her second year at West Point. Kent refuses Brenner’s request to search Elisabeth’s home. 

Brenner and Sunhill locate a room with video and BDSM equipment after picking the lock on Elisabeth’s house, but an intruder tackles him and takes the videotapes away. Colonel Robert Moore, Elisabeth’s superior officer, is questioned by him, and due to his evasiveness, he is taken into custody on suspicion of acting improperly for an officer. Sunhill is attacked at the crime site in an effort to scare her and Brenner. She recognises Captain Jake Elby as one of the attackers when she discovers he is donning a silver Claddagh ring. At the point of a gun, Elby admits that Elisabeth engaged in considerable “psychological warfare” against her father, engaging in promiscuity with the men stationed at the facility.

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