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The Sex Trip


A womanizing handsome guy has gone way too far when he is rude to an old ugly homeless woman, the old ugly homeless woman turns out to be a witch that turns the guy into a girl, with all the bells and whistles. All the joy of being a woman comes with this transformation and his own best friend keeps hitting on him the entire time. A romantic comedy that will make the whole family laugh. Starring Major upcoming Hollywood Stars. A must watch film, The Serx Trip is now playing on Amazon. Written by MarC Prey, Anthony G. Cohen,  produced and directed by Anthony G. Cohen. With a 200K budget. 
True fact about this project: One of Hollywood’s top mogul was having dinner with Anthony Cohen and the subject of a dare came up, he dared Anthony to make the Movie with only $200K. the bet was on! The movie was casted, edited, co-written, produced, Executive produced and directed by Anthony G. Cohen and it was done under $200K. Winning the bet for a brand new lamborghini.
The Sex Trip is a hilarious romp about a self-help author, Eddie Greenleaf, who uses his unique set of skills to get virtually any woman he wants into bed. One night, he gets tested to see if he can see a woman for her true inner beauty. He fails miserably. The next morning, he wakes up and finds that he’s been cursed to walk the earth as one of the beautiful women he objectifies and now lives on the receiving end of non-stop catcalling and hilariously pathetic attempts to be lured into bed. Face to face with the man he used to be, he’s forced to come to grips with his old way of life and find a new way to reverse the curse.
This young, charming cast will make you fall in love while leaving you crying with laughter.

The director of The Sex Trip, Anthony Cohen, delivers an amazing performance by these young upcoming talents.
“Casting took over 6 months, many big-name talents were lined up to play the leads but I wanted to create my own stars and I believe I did, I would put my actors up against any big studio stars with big names and
huge salaries. I was meticulous about making sure each and every single role was cast perfectly even the background and extras, which are the backbone of Hollywood. We will be at AFM in Santa Monica CA.
November 4th-11th 2015 to discuss potential sales of this film.

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