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About Starting with a pool of 16 fighters, there will be elimination rounds, and ultimately one champion at the end of each season…-This winner will receive a professional boxing fight and get a shot at a real title…-They will be classified accordingly to their weight class.-There will be many celebrity judges in the likes of […]

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One Love Entourage

About The True story behind the hit HBO TV series “ENTOURAGE”, this documentary took 30 years into making and is actual footage behind the scene of Mark Basil and Mark Wahlberg, their hard work before they made it big along with their entourage. This 90 minutes documentary showcases the actual and real footage of anything that was

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Swamp Girl About Three times playmate of the year and Playboy magazine cover model goes back home to manage the family alligator farm and tourist ranch back in Florida swamps. great TV, a must watch. In the heart of the untamed Everglades, a formidable family dynasty has reigned for over a century, their kingdom ruled by the primal forces

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Homeless Sweet Home About Based on a true story, a homeless woman was taken off the streets and given all the necessary tools to become a normal and regular lady. Mani-Pedi, hair salon, proper shopping for clothes and food and an apartment and a job. Surprisingly against all odds, she pulled through and is now living well

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Wise Move About Based on a true story, a young boxer and family operator from a big family in New York gets in a tussle with another rival NY family son, and as punishment he is forced by his uncle to leave NY for a period of 5 years and go to San Diego and run

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The Second Unit About Hollywood creates some of the most incredible films in the world and the special effects have a lot to do with these incredible films. Well, there is a very powerful and talented group of stunt men and women that make this all possible, Come along with us on this amazing TV series that showcases

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Cooking Up a Date About There is an old saying: The secret of keeping a man is through his stomach. Well this show is to see if she can keep a man or not. Instead of having the man take the girl out to dinner and spend hundreds of dollars, the girl is given $30 dollars and she has

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The Sex Trip About A womanizing handsome guy has gone way too far when he is rude to an old ugly homeless woman, the old ugly homeless woman turns out to be a witch that turns the guy into a girl, with all the bells and whistles. All the joy of being a woman comes with this

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Aquavamps About A yacht full of rich playboys are island hopping when they get lost and see an island in the distance, when they arrive to the distant island they realize they are not lost at all, it turns out the island is crawling with supermodels and hot girls, after a day and half on the island

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