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One Love Entourage


The True story behind the hit HBO TV series “ENTOURAGE”, this documentary took 30 years into making and is actual footage behind the scene of Mark Basil and Mark Wahlberg, their hard work before they made it big along with their entourage. This 90 minutes documentary showcases the actual and real footage of anything that was happening in their lives and follows them around the world, behind the movie making smash hits and their private struggles. An absolute masterpiece created by Anthony G. Cohen. Mr Cohen purchased over 700 real footage tapes from Mark Basil and took him 5 years to edit the footage and create this story. This documentary was completed in 2007 and was purchased by Mark Wahlberg for private reasons for an undisclosed amount to be shelved and not be seen by anyone.
Other members of the original One Love Entourage have access to this footage as well. 

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